First sunrise and this year’s goal


I had a relaxing vacation at New Year’s holidays.

On New Year’s Day, I went to see the first sunrise at Kujukurihama in Chiba.

When it was near the end of year, I decided to go to Kujukurihama. I vaguely remembered “Kujukurihama“ because I listened to radio program talked about Kujukurihama.

Apparently, I know the sunrise can be seen beautifully at Kujukurihama. So I decided to go there to see the first sunrise of the New Year’s Day.

I stayed the hotel in front of Chiba station the day before and woke up at four in the morning to rent a car at a car share station.

Thinking about driving for the first time in a long time, I went to bed earlier the day before but I woke up every hour and was short of sleep.

I drove to the sea in the dark outside.

When people who went to see the sunrise started to get stuck in traffic, I passed through a residential area with a few street lights while looking at Google Maps.

On roads with no other cars and no people walking, I found the first train that runs far away or light crescent moon before the new moon peacefully.

When I was driving on a black and dark road, I felt as if I was awake or in a dream because I didn’t have enough sleep. It was dangerous. I was relieved to arrive at the sea safety.

Arriving at the sea, the sky was beginning to turn color little by little due to the sunrise.

Many people were emotionally that the color of the sky would slowly turn in one hour until sunrise without conscious.

It was really cold at that day, so I lost sensation of my hands and legs. And I was crying naturally.

Coming up at the long a waited timing, the sun had a fascination for people.

The dark sky turns dark orange from around the horizon and light shines into the sea. The ever turning gradation sky was the most beautiful. I was fascinated by that.

In the extreme cold, It was my first experience to get a sense of the warmth of my body when the sun started to rise.

Nature was really great. The sun was  really nice and warm. I experienced the harshness and warmth of nature all at once.

When I noticed, I was in a state of extremes to live in the cold and sleepy. Forgetting all my thinking and feeling, I felt like I was born just now.

While listening to the sound of the waves, I was able to see the strength of the sun as the day began.

I had peaceful mind through nature. It become a place I want to visit every year.

This year’s goal was set while watching such a beautiful sunrise.

I will pursue beautiful balance and shape. Also I want to be able to bring out the charm of my customers. I want to finish hairs that make customers feel comfortable and fascinated every day.








同じく日の出を目指す人たちで渋滞し始めた頃、Google Mapsを頼りに、渋滞を避けて街灯の少ない住宅街に入っていきました。他に車もなく人も歩いていない道では、遠くに走る始発の電車を見つけたり、新月に近いうすーい三日月を見つけたり。