The other day, I went to see “KYOTO GRAPHIE” in Kyoto.

“KYOTO GRAPHIE” is an international photography festival held every spring and this year’s one is the 10th.

Japanese and international photo collections are on exhibit at atmospheric historian buildings and modern and contemporary architectural spaces.

Guy Bourdin’s exhibition “The Absurd and The Sublime” at the Kyoto Culture Museum Annex.

Irving Penn’s exhibition “Irving Penn: Works 1939–2007″ at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Annex.

Samuel Bollendorf’s exhibition “Mermaid’s Tears” at the Biwako Sosui Memorial Hall, Keage Incline.

World Press Photo exhibition “Power of the People Documenting Protests from 1957 to the Present” at Horikawa Oike Gallery .

I have seen these for a long time.

Guy Bourdin’s exhibition which was active fashion magazines such as VOGUE had more exhibits than the ones held at CHANEL NEXUS HALL in Ginza previously.

I saw it repeatedly again and again, the colors and balance were beautiful.

Irving Penn’s exhibition included portraits of famous artists such as Picasso and Le Corbusier, fashion photographs and stills of cigarette butts and chewing gum on the soles of shoes.

It was an impression that he was taking various pictures regardless of genre.

And I was so impressed that all the photos were printed by himself. It was really wonderful not only to take photos but also to develop.

Samuel Bollendorf’s photo exhibition exhibited photographs as for the environmental pollution provided by countries around the world and their effects on humans, animals and plants or all life forms.

The pictures of environmental pollution showed plastic debris such as industrial micro beads called “mermaid tears” in the beautiful sea.

And the most impressive thing in this exhibition was the photographs of natural disasters.

A photo of a workers at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, a photo of an elementary school classroom with intact school bags and textbooks even due to the tsunami, and a photo of a room by the sea with broken windows where someone lived.

I just cried when I saw the pictures that clearly showed the situation of tragedy that time.

Every year, I went to see the World Press Photo exhibition held in Ebisu.

Every time I feel an empathy pain emotionally, I get pictures of the current state of the world that are not reported in the news.

As the title “Documenting Protests from 1957 to the Present”. 

I was overwhelmed by photographs of people protesting all over the world at the risk of life. I was made to think about various things toward the people who were protesting for the sake of life and future children. 

I really wish for world peace.

Looking at the four exhibitions, photographer’s thoughts that can be loaded into one photo were all conveyed to my feeling more than the time.

Recalling things that become a thing of the past along the times through photographs reminds me what I should be now.

先日、京都で開催中の「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真展」を観に行ってきました。



京都文化博物館 別館のギイ・ブルダンの展示「The Absurd and The Sublime」

京都市美術館別館のアーヴィング・ペンの展示「Irving Penn: Works 1939–2007」



















KYOTOGRAPHIE は個々の存在をCelebrate(祝祭)すると共に、その多様性について讃えたいと思います。そして皆さんと一緒にRestart (再起動)し、分断された関係性をもう一度Reconnect (再接続)し、コロナ後の新しい平和な世界へ向けてRevival(再生)していきたい、そう考えています。」