Love Supreme


I went to Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture in May, because I wanted to go to a jazz festival called Love Supreme that my favorite artist Robert Glasper participated in.

He is a jazz pianist. When I listened to his music on the radio 10 years ago, I was fascinated by his piano performance.

I have seen his performance 3 times besides this event : twice in Tokyo, once in New York and I shook hands with him at Blue Note in New York.

He was the headliner of the festival.

It was really great and exciting and fortunately he played longer than scheduled.

I was so impressed and I like his performance even more now.

I had a great time in nature, drinking, and listening to great music!

5月に埼玉の秩父で開催された「Love Supreme」というジャズフェスティバルに行ってきました。



東京のBlue Note、Billboard Live Tokyo。2019年にニューヨークに旅行に行った時に偶然日程が合い、ニューヨークのBlue Noteに行きました。ニューヨークでは、彼と握手をすることができて本当に感激でした。