The Absurd and The Sublime


The other day, I went to see the Guy Bourdin’s photo exhibition at “CHANEL NEXUS HALL” in Ginza. It was called “The Absurd and The Sublime”.

Guy Bourdin was born and raised in Paris. He began taking photographs in the 1940s and was a photographer for fashion magazines such as VOGUE.

He was influenced by Man Ray, an American painter and photographer, and Alfred Hitchcock, a British film director.

His works have fascinated a lot of viewers because his photos seem to have a mysterious story or are composed finely.

The composition of the photographs is unique. These are superimposed real people and using mirrors.

I was impressed and became interested in how he created these photographs when computers were not widely used yet. And the sense of colors was the most and extremely beautiful.

Nowadays, computerized photo processing has become the norm.

The photographs taken by Guy Bourdin are very fresh, and I was able to rediscover the origin of photography and the joy of creating artwork.

I’d like to continue to create beautiful things like him throughout my life.

銀座のCHANEL NEXUS HALLで開催されていた”The Absurd and The Sublime ギイブルダン展”を観に行ってきました。